By Michael Seymour

5 Jan 21, 2019

If you want to grow, Colin and his team can support you.

Over two years ago, I attended a conference where Colin presented. I received a number of nuggets of information and decided on the three day course. Again, I learned much more about myself and my business and was able to implement those bits of wisdom from Colin. I was convinced Colin and his team could help me with my company, which was financially ok, and would benefit from a mentor. I enrolled in the 24 month Sherpa System and KAP-IT programs which are helping me to grow. I have seen growth and success come easier as I understand better and am learning systems. In deciding to grow further, I am also taking on Colin personally in the Pro-CEO mentoring role. He is pushing me to grow and I am seeing where the company needs work and is getting that success. I enjoy the challenge and I enjoy the pressure to succeed, and I know my team sees the growth and benefit of Colin's wisdom. Is Colin and MYMSuccess worth the investment? I have no hesitation in saying YES. I am improving, I am growing and best of all, I am having fun and challenge. Somedays it smarts, and Colin and his team are there to support me and hold me accountable. If you are thinking of better understanding your business and are wanting to grow, I can heartily recommend Colin. I can even accept the hugs! Thank you Colin, I appreciate the support, friendship, growth and success.

Reply by Make Your Mark Feb 5, 2019
Mike, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing client that you are. Working with you in all the programs has been incredible. I love how you take advice and implement. Working with you in the ProCEO Mentorship Program has been thoroughly enjoyable. Keep up the excellent work.